Derwent Valley Spring School 

est. 2014

Derwent Valley Spring School 

The Derwent Valley Spring School was founded in 2014 to provide a band camp experience for music students of all levels and ages. The annual Spring School runs for three days during the October school holidays, with the event culminating in a showcase concert at the end of the last day for parents and friends to attend.  

New music is learnt in level-based ensembles over the event, and opportunities to practice in sectionals are also offered. The ensembles  cater for absolute beginners to A-grade concert players, with equal support and opportunities in all level groups. The ensembles are conducted by guests from both local and international organisations, and provide world-class instruction for practising, breathing, warming up, sight reading, shaping music, and more; a brilliant opportunity for music students of all ages to learn new skills. Past conductors include Simon Reade (music educator and musical director of the Hobart City Band), Nathaniel Griffiths (previous musical director at Glenorchy City Concert Brass and TSO conductor) and Joanna Heaton of Melbourne. The esteemed music educator said of the 2017 DVCB Spring School: “It is truly unique for musicians as young as 7 years old to be sitting next to musicians in their 70s, all working together to create a fantastic musical result”. This affinity for cohesion between players of all levels and ages is something the DVCB strives for and encourages during the Spring Schools.

The Spring School was initially held at New Norfolk’s Fairview Primary School though due to demand, the School has been held at Dominic College in Glenorchy since 2018. Over 100 students attend from more than 17 schools across southern Tasmania as well as a number of adults to take part in the Spring School. Alongside the musical opportunities, the Spring School provides a safe, welcoming atmosphere where attendees can meet new people and celebrate together during a night of festivities, glow sticks, ice cream and fun competing at the annual Quiz.

It is never too late to start learning music. Whether it’s the ukulele, French horn, bass, or clarinet, the DVCB’s Annual Spring School will cater to you and your ability, providing an educational, fun and fulfilling experience that is not to be missed.

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